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The Fertility Podcast

The Fertility Podcast is released every Monday, sharing expert interviews with leading fertility experts around the world as well as men and women sharing their own struggles on their journey to become parents. If you have a story to share or an expert with an interesting take on the developments within the fertility industry email

Oct 12, 2020

This week we welcome a friend of the podcast - Matt Prior Fertility Consultant Gynaecologist -Reproductive medicine at Newcastle Fertility Centre.

As well as working at Newcastle Fertility Centre, Matt works with Kate providing consultations for Dr. Fertility. Matt is passionate about patient information and on a mission to improve the quality of patient information, founded The Big Fertility Project.

Matt talks about the different types of information available to fertility patients, whether this is patient information leaflets, patients sharing their stories, information via fertility influencers, commercial information from clinics, and other organizations and media information. Matt’s ambition is to bring this information together in a collaboration between patients and professionals to produce better quality information than we have currently available.

Matt shared with us the research he undertook into miscarriage research – The Miscarriage Priority Partnership this identified the top 10 aspects that should be researched in miscarriage. This research involved a collaboration between patients and professionals to establish what aspects were most important to patients.

Matt aims to find good sources of information and present it in a more accessible and engaging way that is more appealing to patients. We talk about the rise of fertility social media influencers and how whilst they share fantastic information and break down barriers, sometimes this information can be biased if influencers are promoting products and caution is needed.

We talk about the benefits of patients sharing their stories, but it is important to be mindful that because someone may have had a negative (or positive) experience of, for example, a procedure, it doesn’t mean to say that it will always be this way for you.

If you’re interested in getting involved with The Big Fertility Project and sharing your story – get in touch via the links below.


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