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The Fertility Podcast

The Fertility Podcast is released every Monday, sharing expert interviews with leading fertility experts around the world as well as men and women sharing their own struggles on their journey to become parents. If you have a story to share or an expert with an interesting take on the developments within the fertility industry email

Apr 15, 2020

Welcome to this bonus episode of The Fertility Podcast in association with Medichecks, the home blood-testing company. 

Medichecks have started working with the wonderful Kate Davies, aka my co-host to develop a range of fertility tests and they invited me to their headquarters in Nottingham to talk more about them. So I headed back to my home town with brand new podcasting kit to chat with Sam Rogers,  Medical Director and Natasha Fernando. Head of Clinical Excellence and Kate about what the tests are going to enable you to find out. 

What you will hear in this episode is:  

How the tests were developed looking at which biomarkers people need to understand their fertility and the training for Medichecks doctors in how they process them

How Medichecks will look at people’s medical histories, lifestyle, diet, activity and energy levels and tie in with the info they glean from blood tests.

How repeat customers are getting much more informed about how behaviours affect their lifestyle and how home testing means you don't have to wait until you are over 40 (which is when the NHS do overall health checks ) 

Baseline Fertility Tests 

FSH & LH Levels:  these control periods and time of ovulation, levels of Oestradiol - the main female hormone which shows if you are ovulating

Progesterone: 7 days before the first day of a period. This can be called the 21-day test. Kate explains how she sometimes gets two tests during that time

AMH:  and how it gives an indicator as it is a useful measurement but is no means a guarantee of a baby. A lower test result shouldn't cause panic, just talk to your doctor, look at your baseline hormone levels. 

PCOS:  looks at an initial diagnosis PCOS test as well as looking at the more long term effects

For Men: 

Testosterone:  looking at the hormones that control testosterone release as the body it likes to hold on to it. We also discussed the impact on male fertility from using protein shakes and steroids and how you get irreversible, low levels of fertility or infertility as a result. We also discussed tight pants!

Advice for Men 

To limit alcohol and coffee and how smoking is so bad for developing sperm.

Exercise  - we discuss how too little or too much can have negative effects on sperm production. We also discussed Jonathan Ramsey - a Urologist and former podcast guest who has talked about how cycling for commuting is OK, but long rides put a lot of pressure on the testicles. Hear a previous chat with Jonathan here 

We discussed the importance of avoiding hot tubs, heated car warmers, and Natasha talked about papers on mobile phone radiation in pockets.

Erectile Disfunction

An early sign that the blood vessels are getting clogged up with cholesterol. Testosterone can also cause it as can the stress and pressures of TTC.


Overall benefits of eating a health diet, which can help the balance of your hormones. We discuss what oxidative stress levels are and how you can manage them. 

The benefits of plant based diet  and how a  Vegan lifestyle - has no impact on testosterone levels. There is a belief amongst Men that a plant-based diet lowers testosterone but there is no evidence available


The importance of sleep and how many health factors it can impact

How to future proof your fertility

Be proactive in the conversations you have with your family. For example, ask your mother when she had her menopause. With Men, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor if you have any pains in your testicles.  Any concerns you have about your fertility, be completely open and honest with your Doctor and they can delve deeper to see if there is a route cause.  We also discuss the pregnancy progress tests available from Medichecks. 


Find out more about Medichecks fertility tests