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The Fertility Podcast

The Fertility Podcast is released every Monday, sharing expert interviews with leading fertility experts around the world as well as men and women sharing their own struggles on their journey to become parents. If you have a story to share or an expert with an interesting take on the developments within the fertility industry email

Sep 28, 2020

In the 3rd episode of our Early Years Series we chat with an old friend and colleague of Kate’s Dr. Manoj Malu who is a Consultant in Sexual Health and Clinical Director of Clarewell Clinics based in Birmingham and Leicester.

When did you last consider your sexual health? Was it something that you thought more about...

Sep 21, 2020

Continuing our series of The Early Years we chat with Amone Gbedamah co-founder of We Are The Hood, a brand new journal for girls age between 8-14, aiming to change the way young girls experience puberty. Amone and co-founder Maria Purcell’s mission is to remove the secrecy, stigma and taboo surrounding periods...

Sep 16, 2020

We're talking periods, STI's, fertility education, miscarriage and where to get the information you can trust when thinking about your future fertility. 

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Sep 14, 2020

And we’re back…….! After our summer break we’re back and have an exciting new series for you – The Early Years.

This is all the stuff we wished we’d know before starting to
conceive. The teenage years and you’re early 20’s are pretty scary times – It’s drummed in to us NOT to get pregnant and what...