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The Fertility Podcast

The Fertility Podcast is released every Monday, sharing expert interviews with leading fertility experts around the world as well as men and women sharing their own struggles on their journey to become parents. If you have a story to share or an expert with an interesting take on the developments within the fertility industry email

Nov 26, 2018

My guest Rusell Davies talks about the eight-year struggle he and his wife had with infertility and how nobody ever tested him! Once they reached a point where his wife got her cycle sorted and he was tested the results were so poor the consultant asked him whether he had been exposed to high levels of radiation!

Nov 19, 2018

I spoke with Barbara Scott a lovely lady and the founder of Seren Reproductive Reflexology and she is the Chair of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists.
For the past twenty years, Barbara has been practising as a reflexologist and has developed successful treatment plans for enhancing and treating...

Nov 14, 2018

Firstly, huge apologies, if you have been wondering why this podcast is late. I moved house at the weekend and with the best will in the world couldn't find one of my cables that meant I could share this content with you. 

You see, last week I hosted a panel event for Clear Blue for the launch of its Ovulation Test...

Nov 5, 2018

Here is the adoption article I mentioned 

and my guest from last week Katy Lindemann's eloquent response

Dr Larisa Corda is a fertility specialist passionate about natural care for fertility treatment which is all about the more holistic approach. She has a fab new website launching soon which she told me about and...