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The Fertility Podcast

The Fertility Podcast is released every Monday, sharing expert interviews with leading fertility experts around the world as well as men and women sharing their own struggles on their journey to become parents. If you have a story to share or an expert with an interesting take on the developments within the fertility industry email

Jul 31, 2017

Rachel Cutting MBE guides you through how an embryologist works looking at your embryos during fertility treatment. What a Blastocyst is and how time lapse helps

Jul 24, 2017

Blogger Eva Braveheart shares her fertility journey to date including her latest frozen embryo transfer. Based in Toronto she explains access to government funding and her decision to blog anonymously so as to not affect her potential employment opportunities as she continues on her route to parenthood

Jul 16, 2017

Hear from Professor Adam Balen and Fertility Consultant Kate Davies about how they work with women dealing with PCOS

Jul 10, 2017

Janita Lawrence, author of The Underachieving Ovary shares her remarkable infertility struggle and how despite being told it would be difficult for her to have a family, she did. After surgery and supplements Janita's dreams of motherhood were answered.

Jul 3, 2017

When IVF was created, a milder more natural method was used which is what Professor Geeta Nargund advocates. In this fascinating chat, Geeta explains her work within fertility education around the globe to help women and to try and eradicate the issue of OHSS during fertility treatment